Wireless Air Humidifier USB Portbale Aroma Diffuser 2000mAh Battery Rechargeable Umidificador Essential Oil Humidificador


Portable Wireless Humidifier

Features: -100 % brand new and high quality -Quiet And Continuously Operation Won't Interfere with Your Work, Sleep & Drive. -Diffuse Mist Throughout Your Living Space & Enhance the Moisture of the Skin Space. -Fashion design,ECO-Friendly and whisper quiet -Quick humidification and purify air,Reduce static electricity -Application:Home office Living room Car etc Office desktop hydrating elf Selling point: Rechargeable Wireless Humidify 750ML and 500ML Two Style Capacity 2000mAh Battery (Battery life: 5-7 hours) Colorful atmosphere night light Silent humidification Purifying air Power off anti-dry


1. Soak the cotton swab for 1 minute before use. 2. It is strictly forbidden to use children under 10 years old alone. 3. Do not cut the atomizing chip with a hard object. 4. Use mineral water or tap water, do not add oily essential oils or corrosive liquids 5. If the amount of spray becomes smaller, use a cotton swab to wipe the atomizer or replace the cotton swab and water.

product Name: Simple H2O humidifier Material: ABS/PP/silicone Product size: 96.5*96.5*177.5mm Color: white, pink, blue, gray Battery voltage: 3.7V Battery power: 7.4W Input voltage / current: DC5.0V/1000mAh Working current: 250-400mA Power consumption: 1.1-1.7W Water bottle capacity: 750mL Spray amount: 30mL-50mL/H Charging time: about 3.5 hours Battery capacity: 18650/2000mAh Battery life: 5-7 hours

750ML water tank capacity

Continue spraying for about 18 hours Intermittent spray for about 28 hours

2000mAh Built-in lithium battery

Upgrade large capacity design No need to add water frequently

Power off protection anti-dry

Built-in anti-dry probe Waterless automatic power off anti-dry Double protection is safe and reliable

Nano atomization Not wet desktop Atomizing water into micron water molecules

Colorful Atmosphere Night Light

Silent humidification won't disturb your sleep warm and romantic, intimate companionship

Functional operation:

Mist: Click the continuous spray for the first time, click again to switch to intermittent spray, and turn off the spray for the third time. USB charging port: Humidifier USB charging port, when inputting 5.0V, you can charge the humidifier Water shortage protection: When the water level of the water tank is lower than the water level probe in the water tank, all spray modes are automatically turned off. Indicator function charging indicator: When charging with the humidifier USB, the red light is on, and when it is fully charged, the red light is off. Water shortage indicator: When the water level of the water tank is lower than the water level probe in the water tank, the red light flashes 3 times and then goes out. Charging function: Charging current, 1000mA, full charge for about 3.5 hours, wireless continuous spray use time of 5 hours, intermittent spray use time of about 7 hours

Multiple Colors Available

Multiple Colors Available

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