Dual Dog Leashes Rope with Light Retractable

$49.99 $89.99

Heavy Duty Dog Leash!

It's easy to use in the dark, early morning, or night thanks to the detachable brilliant LED flashlight. You can take it with you once it's separated. This heavy-duty dog leash is as long as it is wide and has a maximum load capacity of 110 pounds, making it ideal for medium and big dogs.

More Reasons To Love It:

Features: As the traction rope changes direction to prevent cross-wounding, the 360° rotating anti-entanglement ensures that one towing and two towing do not interfere with each other's traction guiding system.

Accessories: Basic attachments include a buckle that is automatically retractable and allows the dog to walk up to 10 feet freely.

LED System: With the incorporated LED lighting system, the night is no longer a burden, the illumination distance is larger, and it is more easy to travel at night.

Use Friendly: A multi-function box is included, which may be placed in a poop bag for easy access at any time. Reflective, reflective at night is safer., constructed of high and fine grade nylon, which is a lasting material.

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