Dental Protective Cover Kit Adjustable Detachable 10 PCS Full Face Shield Visors 1 Frame Anti-Fog Dustproof Dental Equipment



  • Feature:


    Material:Synthetic Plastics

    Item Type:Teeth Whitening

    Package:one head mask and 10 pcs of protective plastic films



    1. Detachable structure with

    2. Made of super transparent & environment protective PET material, which makes good clearness

    3. Super light frame makes comfortable wearing and Suitable for a wide range of applications

    4. Provided with flexible device to adapt to different needs

    5. One kit Includes one head mask and 10 pcs of protective plastic foil

    6. The plastic foil has the function of double side Anti-Fog, Anti-blood spatter.Anti-gas


Package included :

  • 1 xHolder Frame

  • 10 xMask




















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