Pet Hair Catcher for Washing Machine

$9.99 $12.99

An Easy Solution For Removing Pet Hair From Cloths!

Do you notice animal hair on your clothes even after they've been washed? While washing and drying your clothes, the Lint Paw removes pet hair. It's compatible with both washers and dryers. A soft, sticky, and flexible substance is used to make the Lint Paw. Removes cat or dog hair so it can be gathered in the lint filter of the washing machine.

More Reasons To Love It:

Perfect Sticky: The Lint Paw is soft and sticky, making it ideal for removing pet hair and dust. The movements of your washing machine, especially during the spin cycle, allow undesired hair to attach to it.

High Quality: The pet furs used in laundry are made of a soft, sticky, and long-lasting substance that sticks to hair, dust, and clothing while readily removing animal hair. They are easy to reuse and clean, unlike hairless cylinders.

Reuseable: Save water, detergent, and time by using this pet hair remover. After each usage, rinse with water and dry in a cool, dry location (away from direct sunlight).

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